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a f f i r m

Multi channel, looped


Try & face the world with your best self, even if the world doesn’t respond in kind.

Don’t do them, do you.”

- Lin-Manuel Miranda


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are valuable. The world tells us every day that things are terrible and we are worthless. Listen closer. People that love you know differently.


Inspired by the positive social media postings of Tony award-winning composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, podcaster and NY Times best-selling author Travis McElroy, and the general positivity of personal friends Travis Carlson and Mike Lee -

a f f i r m  is a multi-channel looped installation with attributes of propaganda imagery that questions our preconceptions of media and self-image.

Installed at Ember + Forge in Erie, Pennyslvania on September 21st, 2018


P r o d u c t i o n   T e a m

Daniel Bookhoop

Steve DeJohn

Steven Pavolko

Andrew Segal

James Segal

Jessica Segal

Zach Whitney

A f f i r m a t i o n s

Thor Anderson

Zach Flock

Dani Hamm

Gary Laboski

Jade Ashley Mitchell

Marenn Mosley

Emily Jude Olszewski

Sarah Pavolko

Betsy Powers Butoryak

Nora Schillinger

Kelly Sullivan

B.J Waide​​​​​​​​

Pat Washington

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