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Flight School - Auditions - DEADLINE AUGUST 7th

2 minute long lip-sync comedy video featuring the following roles:

Mark - scrappy pilot who's got a bit of over confidience

Team mate #1 - Child/Teen girl prodigy who is somewhat naive
Team mate #2 - Older male technician who is constantly telling Mark the odds

How to Audition

Find your favorite spoken audio on TikTok or Instagram and create a lip-sync'd video to it.

Do not speed up or slow down the audio, audio needs to be in real-time.

I am looking for if you fit the look and if you look natural lipsyncing on camera!

Upload your video here

Send an email with the subject line "Flight School Audition" to

Include in the body of the email:


-Which part you would like to audition for

-Video file name

Important note - If you do not send a follow up email I will be unable to contact you regarding the project.


If you are looking for examples of what the end result of this video might look like, please watch the following videos

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