An Introduction

I feel like I've done a lot of introducing myself online. Over five years ago I started my first youtube channel and last year I attempted to start a video diary of my life after art school. That video diary didn't really work, since when I was working on projects I wasn't trying to document it and when I was done I was attempting to recuperate.

So let's try something new.

Hello. I'm Britty Lea and I'm an artist living and working in Erie Pennsylvania. For my day job I work at Grant Larson Productions in media management with a focus in brand presence. I graduated in 2016 from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. If you've stumbled onto my blog without looking at my website first, I encourage you to look at my films, music videos, installations, photography and theatre pieces.

I accomplished a lot of great things in 2016 - I'm working in my field in my hometown, I ran a successful female filmmaker showcase, I won Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress for This is How a Road Gets Made which was my entry for the Greater Erie Film Office 2016 Filmmaking Competition, I produced and directed a staged reading of The Lady Freemason, I completed my thesis film Dreamlords, and I collaborated with UK based artist David Boskett on music videos for his single releases from his upcoming album. I'm so proud of everything I've accomplished, especially after graduating and moving back home.

I'm really looking forward to focusing more in 2017 and getting a lot of projects that I've been working on for years more fully developed. I do have some goals for projects I'd like to work on/complete this year:

-Run year 2 of Film & Her in both Savannah Georgia and Erie Pennsylvania

-Have The Lady Freemason workshopped/previewed in New York City

-Collaborate with David Boskett on his upcoming single releases with music videos

-Finish the first draft of the feature I've been writing

-Develop the video essay/commentary piece I've been writing

I have no idea what twists and turns this year could bring, so I'm looking forward to getting creative with life, work and art!

#introduction #goals #newyear

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